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Amanda Sanford. is an artist of all things muddy and coated with paint. Shop her collections of published books, paintings, pottery, and other original works of art.


The Dragonfly Hunter Children's rhyming book about insects, shapes, numbers, written and illustrated by Mississippi artist Amanda Spiers Sanford

"The Critter Crawler" collection of children's books written and illustrated by the artist.

Impasto Original Paintings and drawings by Hattiesburg Mississippi Artist Amanda Spiers Sanford. Wall Art. Mississippi Cotton Boll "Slim Pickins" drawings, Arkansas, Birds, Dragonflies, Impasto, Texture, Original, Poppies, magnolias

Original works of art including paintings, drawings, and mixed media.

SHOP. pottery
Handbuilt Pottery and Ceramic Dishware and Dinnerware all Safe to Eat and Glazed Lead Free. Functional Works of Art. Magnolias, Dragonflies, Scupltures, Crabs, nautical, Lace, Doiles, Roses, Birds, Poppies, Flowers, leaves

Ceramic pottery including dishware, housewares, ornaments, and more!

Coming Soon

Amanda Spiers Sanford, Hanbuilt Pottery, Ceramics, Books, Children's, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Bumble Bees, Impasto, Peacock, Original Works of Art, Mississippi Cotton Tails, Pearl Cluster Necklace, Lace, Burlap, Cotton Boll, Twine, Glaze, Kiln, Earthenware Clay, Dishware, Houseware, Original Paintings, Rhymes, huge ass paintings, extra large canvas, Mississippi snowball Necklace, commissioned art, alphabet, whimsical

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