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Books. The Critter Crawler Collection is a series of children's books that are beautifully written and illustrated. “The Dragonfly Hunter” is the first of a series of children’s books about nature and moments derived from personal experiences. "The Snipe Hunter" is the second book in the series which tells the story of a fun tradition that has been passed on for decades. The third book in the series is an alphabet book of whimsical creatures. From the rhyming rhythm of short stories to the hand-drawn illustrations, this book is entertaining to children and adults of all ages. 


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Now you can sing a song like a water beetle! These original songs perfectly complement "The Snipe Hunter" and "The Dragonfly Hunter" children's books, sure to be loved by all ages. Both songs were written by Neil Sanford, recorded and produced by Kirk Gore and Neil Sanford, and vocals by Daniel Herrington.
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