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Books. Get ready for a wild and whimsical ride with The Critter Crawler Collection - a super fun series of children's books that will spark your imagination! Each story is bursting with colorful illustrations and catchy rhymes that will have you giggling from start to finish. Join the hunt for the sly snipe bird, follow the daring dragonfly zipping through the air, and keep an eye out for the goofy goob playing pranks along the way!

Each book in the series is creatively written and illustrated by Amanda Sanford, an award-winning author from Mississippi. Many of her books have a song accompaniment which can be downloaded below for FREE!


autographed titles

(available in hardback prints)

(available in ebook, paperback, and limited hardback prints)


Now you can sing a song like a water beetle! These original songs perfectly complement "The Snipe Hunter" and "The Dragonfly Hunter" children's books, sure to be loved by all ages. Both songs were written by Neil Sanford, recorded and produced by Kirk Gore and Neil Sanford, and vocals by Daniel Herrington.
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