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Order the complete set of the Critter Crawler Collection at a discounted price. Each book comes autographed by the author. 


The Dragonfly Hunter - Hardcover: Uncover a world of bugs and critter crawlers while hunting for the mystical dragonfly described in this colorful, poetic, children's story sure to be loved by all ages. "The Dragonfly Hunter" is the first of a series of children's books about nature and moments derived from personal experiences.


The Dragonfly Hunter - Coloring Book: The author and illustrator of The Dragonfly Hunter combines drawings of all the critter crawlers in a collection of coloring and activity pages including an easy, step by step guide on how to draw a dragonfly! A great companion book to The Dragonfly Hunter.


The Alphabet Book of Whimsical Creatures - Hardcover: The author of the children's series "The Critter Crawler Collection" brings you the first ever alphabet book of whimsical creatures. From the rhyming rhythm of short stories to the hand-drawn illustrations, this book is entertaining to children and adults of all ages. The flower eating, fire breathing dragon from "The Dragonfly Hunter" and the sneaky snipe from "The Snipe Hunter" are sure to make an appearance. The reader will also unveil tricksy pixies and even discover the clever Queeble clan!


The Snipe Hunter - Hardcover: This is a children's story about going on a wild goose chase for a sly snipe bird. Snipe Hunting is a fun tradition that has been passed on for decades. The Snipe Hunter will give the reader tips and tricks on how to catch a silly ole snipe. Get your wooden spoons and a pillowcase ready cuz you’ve got some huntin’ to do!


You Might Be a Boog - Hardcover: A collection of over 35 short and humorous poems that will delight and entertain children and adults of all ages, whether you are young or just young at heart. Featuring colorful illustrations and playful rhyming tones about daily life, these poems are designed to tickle the funny bone and ignite the imagination.

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