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Artist. meet the artist

Amanda Spiers Sanford is an artist of all things muddy and coated with paint. Indigenous characteristics are evident in all of her original works of art whether illustrated by the bumblebee sunbathing on a handbuilt pottery plate or the floral replicated with the stroke of a brush. She draws her inspiration from the wonderful, intricate tapestry drawn by nature every day.

Refining her skills as an artist continues to be a lifelong pursuit for Amanda. Amanda has been learning and growing her trade since childhood. What started out as feigned attempts at drawing butterflies with Crayolas has shaped itself into a refined and naturalized style of art honed over endless hours of experimentation, lots of failures, and constant searches of inspiration.

Amanda Spiers Sanford, Artist

She has won several local, state, and national level awards. Her art was displayed in our nation's capital in 2007 and currently exhibits work at the Mississippi state capital. Amanda has been the featured artist for the Saenger Theater, Walter Anderson Museum of Art, March of Dimes Signature Chef, Hattiesburg Historic Downtown Association, American Heart Association and Off the Tracks Fine Arts gallery. Amanda is the featured alum in the 2013 summer issue of the Talon, The University of Southern Mississippi's magazine, for her donation of a silhouette rendering of the Ogle Tree House.


Amanda is an active member of the South Mississippi Art Association and placed first in oils and acrylics at the 2012 annual art competition for "Pick Up Sticks." This piece was later purchased by the City of Hattiesburg as a backdrop for 2013 marketing for downtown Hattiesburg.

In 2013 Amanda published her first children's book, "The Dragonfly Hunter" which paved the way for "The Critter Crawler Collection."  Amanda is the author and illustrator of the series of books that are inspired by life experiences. Two of her books feature original songs, written and recorded by Neil Sanford and Kirk Gore, with lyrics by Daniel Herrington.

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